Fave Five Friday

I have every intention of actually making this into a real blog one day, you know on word press or something. So going off the advice that I have read from other book blogs, Booklikes seemed like the best place to get my feet wet. That being said, in an effort for people who may actually read my posts to get to know me better, I am going to start posting my top 5 favorite things once a week. This week's topic, authors.


1. Anne Rice: She was my first love and I always seem to find my way back to her.


2. Stephen King: I don't scare easily, but he is one of the few authors who can scare the pants off me.


3. Ann Rule: Her true crime books are some of the scariest reads. I think because the crimes actually happened, I find them so much more terrifying than fiction.


4. Charlaine Harris: Sookie Stackhouse is the reason why I returned to the supernatural world 2 years ago after a 5 year stint in crime/suspense novels.


5. James Patterson: I find his books fun and exciting even though they do tend to be quicker reads. I most enjoy getting his books in audio form and listening to it while in my car on my commute.


Honorable Mentions: Thomas Harris, Jeaniene Frost, Edgar Allen Poe, Clive Barker and MaryJanice Davidson.


Who are your top 5 authors?